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Computer Based Training platform (CBT) designed specifically for Aviation Security personnel and computersied psychometric testing for recruitment and selection purposes. Eagle, our CBT platform consists of a variety of Aviation Security courses including basic and recurrent training for x-ray screeners.

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Aviation Security Training

Eagle - ICTS Eagle is an interactive Computer Based Training platform designed for x-ray screeners including all aspects of basic and recurrent training. Eagle also provides additional set of security CBT courses such as : X-Ray Operators course, X-Ray CTX Training, GSAT/SIDA/BSAT Training, PRM Disability Awareness Training, New Cargo Training, DetAct (Detect and Act) detection of suspicious behaviour, Maritime Piracy Education and more.

MCAST Computerised
Assessment & Testing

Mcast - A computer based assessment tool designed to measure candidate's ability to perform specific roles utilizing graphic, pictorial, numerical and textual features. Mcast allows to identify ideal candidates early on in the recruitment process and significantly reduce the recruitment of front line employees who prove to be unsuitable.


Best Management Practices (BMP) is an innovative Computer Based course designed to avoid, deter or delay acts of Piracy. BMP can run on any PC whether on land or at sea and fully complies with LISCAR regulations.