SmartQ Airport
Boarding Pass Verification and Passenger Flow Management

Smart Q SmartQ enables airport management to acquire detailed real-time information on queue (dynamic Queue Management) and dwell time along predefined routes, e.g., security line and immigration. Data collection is achieved by simply scanning the boarding pass through one of the SmartQ Gates or Self service kiosks and is used for analysis and planning.

As greater numbers of passengers pass through airport terminals each day, queues become one of the main aggravations for passengers and staff alike. Coupled with increasingly stringent security procedures, this issue is further exacerbated. The ability to measure and manage queues at each stage of the passenger journey is of paramount importance to enabling efficient airport operations while enhancing Airport Passenger Flow.

We believe that this unique solution performs the IATA “Check Point Of The Future” vision.

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Gunnebo Integrated gate
Gunnebo Integrated gate

SmartQ allows users to read or scan multiple types of boarding passes, from mobile phone barcodes to home-printed passes, to provide an auditable record of when a passenger’s boarding pass was scanned. SmartQ can be configured to issue alerts based on defined rules. An example of such a rule may be to alert the user when a passenger’s boarding pass is scanned with less than 30 minutes left to departure time. Having this alert would enable staff to aid the passenger more effectively. 

SmartQ can also be used to record the actions of staff when dealing with passengers, for example, refusing a passenger because they arrived too late at the security checkpoint.

  • Boarding Pass Verification & Passenger Flow Management System
  • Reading of multiple boarding pass types (mag-stripe, bar code, 2D bar code etc).
  • Optional integration with Departure Control Systems to validate passenger data.
  • Airline Enquiry, enabling the airlines to view their passenger’s status.
  • Optional integration into airport FIDS arrival/departure data feeds.
  • Validation – rule-based alerts based on flight schedule/scan time.
  • In depth reporting of passenger volumes; time & motion analysis.
  • Remote monitoring of passenger flow and passenger volume.
  • Auditable records of when a boarding pass was scanned.
  • Queue time monitor and KPI reporting.
  • Simple yet intuitive user interface.
  • Queue Management System including Queuing priority mechanism.
  • Duty Free Promotions by displaying Duty Free Ads on self service kiosks stationed at the Duty Free area.

SmartQ contains an extensive reporting suite which allows a variety of reports to be generated.

The reports give the airport valuable information to analyse flow of passengers in each day and hour, the queuing waiting time in each period and draw operational (add/decrease staff or X-Ray machines in certain hours or move flights to a less busy times or even the efficiency of certain staff members) and management decisions accordingly.

SmartQ offers numerous benefits to airline and airport operators, among them:

  • Reduce errors associated with manually handling of boarding passes.
  • Improve passenger flow.
  • Analysis of Passenger flow throughout the date.
  • Reduce disruption caused by late arrivals, by alerting staff earlier.
  • Aid and improve security by validating entry of boarding passes to avoid multiple entries.
  • Accurate online information to the airlines on their passenger arrivals to the airside