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October, 2011
Antalya Airport, Turkey

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - IATA, AVEC (Check Point of the Future Model) .

Madrid, Spain - EULEN SEGURIDAD SA, a leading provider of x-ray screening services in Spain, have implemented Eagle’s X-Ray Screening Course to support their staff in Madrid, Eulen, Barajas Airport - Madrid, Spain.

Thales Award - ICTS Europe Awarded for Security.

Farnborough, UK - TD2 Exhibition.

October, 2011
Istanbul, Turkey - TAV – Turkey – Istanbul Ataturk airport, chooses Eagle X-ray to certify and train all screeners at the airport.

23 August, 2010
Leipzig, Germany - ICTS Systems has recently developed a new module on its Eagle CBT platform – the recurrent module for Cargo screeners for DHL - Cargo Course .

Galway, Ireland - ICTS Systems installed Eagle X-ray Course to meet the recent EU 185/2010 requirements in Galway Airport.

London UK- ICTS Systems - CTX Exhibition, April 2012.

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