Aviation Security & Immigration

ICTS Europe Systems offers a comprehensive APIS (Advanced Passenger Information Screening) processing solution. Our APIS solution comes in two operational modes: Interactive (AQQ) and Non-Interactive and includes optional Watchlist processing, Crew APIS and American Screening.

The Travel Documentation Verification (TravelDoc) system provides a quick and straight forward way to check passengers' documentation.

Both the APIS and TravelDoc solutions can be easily implemented as 'stand-alone' systems or otherwise, 'Integrated' into the airline's DCS / Reservation system.

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Range of APIS solutions that cater to any APIS requirements.

TravelDoc International Travel Document Verification

ICTS TravelDoc verifies passengers' international travel documentation, including Visa violation and Visa Checks. It checks documentation against any travel rules applied by the authorities in transit and destination countries and quickly delivers a clear Go / No Go decision. The solution also includes an online Travel Document Rule Library (APP or Web), displaying country Immigration rules, Health and Safety rules and Customs rules.


Matching passengers against any given watchlist. Our service is compliant with both the TSA's No-Fly/Selectee lists screening requirements, Transport Canada's Specified Persons List, and any airline-specific watchlist or VIP list.