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ICTS' Watchlist Search & Match system is a cost-effective solution for matching passengers against any given watchlist. Our service is compliant with both the TSA's No-Fly/Selectee lists screening requirements, Transport Canada's Specified Persons List , and any airline-specific watchlist or VIP list.

With slight differences in the search requirements, both the TSA and Transport Canada require that carriers screen all passengers flying to, from and within the US and Canada against the NFL/SL and the SPL, respectively.

Our search algorithms are based on the phonetic sound and pronunciation of the names, rather than on the mere spelling.

Our Watchlist engine is updated immediately whenever any of the lists changes, to ensure that your passengers are always screened against the most recent Watchlist.

Over 40 airlines, including some of the major players in the industry, are already using our WatchList service.

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  • Watch List. Match passengers and staff against the American and Canadian 'Watch List'. The TSA require that each passenger flying into and out of the US is matched by the airline against a supplied list. The system has been developed with the following logic:
  • Phonetic Algorithms. Industry standard algorithms such as Soundex and Double Metaphone.
  • String Algorithms. String matching or string manipulation e.g. String containment, Wild card matching, String distance matching (Levenshtein algorithm) and others.
  • Custom Logic. Based on operational practices, developed in close consultation with our field agents drawing on our vast experience as security providers.
  • APIS - Advanced Passenger Information Scanning (APIS and APIS+). Provides a powerful tool to enable airlines to meet the TSA APIS+ requirements, introduced in October 2005. This requires all airlines flying to and from the US to send specific passenger information prior to take-off.
  • A similar process is implemented now by Canada and numerous European countries. The ICTS APIS system can comply with any format required
  • Financial: Avoid costly fines or flight diversions.
  • Operational: Full compliance to the TSA No Fly / Selectee screening and the CBP APIS Plus manifest requirements with seamless integration and a variety of operational settings.
  • Security: Essential passenger profiling at the earliest point and E-ticket security assurance.
  • Customer Relations: Optimisation of passenger flow at check-in.