TravelDoc International Travel Document Verification System

Document violation fines can be crippling. TravelDoc ensures that passengers are in possession of all the correct travel documents required by their transit and destination countries (usually Visa). Using cross-referencing databases, TravelDoc simultaneously checks the immigration rules against the passenger’s itinerary and documentation. It detects registered missing, stolen or suspicious passports, visas, and other travel documents, and then, within fractions of a second, delivers a clear Go/No-Go result.

A dedicated TravelDoc back office monitors any updates or changes to travel regulations. Every change is automatically updated on a central TravelDoc server and promptly distributed to the client systems.

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TravelDoc is available in four configurations:

  • Mobile version (laptop or PDA)
  • TravelDoc Web – to check specific Passenger route
  • Integrated version (into airline systems)
  • TravelDoc Library – Online tablet displaying full country Immigration Travel rules, Health and Safety rules and Custom rules.

Mobile Version
Mobile Version (laptop or PDA)

Integrated version (into airline systems)
Integrated version

  • A clear Go/No-Go indication, along with brief, concise instructions as to the documents needed (passport, visa, resident card, etc.)
  • Ongoing contact with immigration and border control agencies of all countries worldwide
  • Real-time online updates of Immigration travel rules information
  • Country Customs rules
  • Health and Safety rules
  • In-depth reporting and trend analysis
  • Avoid immigration fines and eliminate deportation and other related costs
  • Reduce documentation-related operational and administrative overheads
  • Reduce passenger processing time and assist in the identification of fraudulent documents
  • Spare passengers an embarrassing deportation process as a result of innocent mistakes
  • Relies on the most comprehensive worldwide database of known forged, stolen and suspicious documents
  • Create airline-specific rules that can be ‘scripted’ for reduced agent training
  • Review detailed transaction logs and usage statistics to monitor performance and incidents