Secure Site Management Utility and Patrol System

Site Management Utility (SMU) is a comprehensive security management suite that allows for the definition, planning, recording and reporting of a sites security activities and incidents. It is complemented by an integrated PDA (Coyote) system that allows capturing and viewing of information in real-time via 3G and Wi-Fi networks. The extensive management suite utilities include HR Functionality, patrol routing and full incident reporting including public services and charges etc.

editing an existing duty screen incident search results screen
incident report online screen breakdown of different incidents screen

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  • Set-Up
    • Site structure – Part of the initial set-up of all the critical points within the site including: buildings, departments, floors, rooms, gates etc.
    • Permissions – Set priorities according to the role of the user
  • Planning – Duty Diaries (one-offs & reoccurrences), Pop-up reminders
  • Log Book – Records all activities per day/week/month etc.
  • Incidents – Designed for entering incident reports. The reports can be tailored to match specific needs
  • HR – Staff information including training history, appraisals, drills, disciplinary's, and personnel records
  • Reports and Charts – Process the recorded information to produce charts and trend reports
  • Coyote – Integrated Patrol Systems
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators
  • Full control of security incidents
  • Complete records of each day’s activities
  • No installation needed (web application)
  • Consistent service delivery. SMU allows you to monitor, manage and maintain a consistent performance standard across the organization.
  • Information delivery – Provides a rich array of reports using visuals and sophisticated media facilities to optimize the clarity of the information, which is delivered to the decision-makers within the organization.
  • Customizable to fit your needs

The patrol module is used to create, track and manage patrol routes using PDA devices. Patrol points implemented using Mifare smart tags, which are durable and inexpensive. In-depth reporting enables the quick recognition of problematic areas. Patrols and duty checks are set up within the software. Each location within the duty area can be identified using unique Mifare tags. Security Officers are provided with a patrolling decide (PDA). While carrying out duties, officers connect their PDA to location identifiers to provide absolute verification that a staff member has patrolled a particular location.

  • Real-time patrol reporting via RFID tags
  • Continuous location tracking via GPS of the security team
  • Real-time incident reporting
  • Viewing assignment instruction