Eagle PRM – People with Reduced Mobility

PRM Training (CBT) for airport personnel.

The Eagle PRM Awareness Course was developed in response to the EC regulations concerning the duty of care towards disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when traveling.

Article 11 of the EC Regulation 1107/2006 states the new criteria for air carriers and airport managing bodies:

  • To ensure that all personnel providing direct assistance to disabled persons and persons of reduced mobility have knowledge of how to meet the needs of persons having various disabilities or mobility impairments;
  • Provide disability-equality and disability-awareness training to all personnel working at the airport who deal directly with the traveling public; and
  • Ensure that, upon recruitment, all new employees attend disability-related training and that personnel receive  refresher training courses when appropriate.


To meet the requirements of the EC Regulation, ICTS Europe Systems has developed 2 training modules delivered on Eagle CBT for use in training on awareness to the needs of people with reduced mobility.

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  • Flexibility – 2 specific modules: one for security staff and the other for general employees focused on customer service
  • Full solution – Provides both basic awareness training for new employees, and refresher training to existing staff
  • Interactive – Engaging learning experience, with use of live examples, full narration, and multimedia
  • Reporting system to track employee performance
  • Full Certification feature – For employees who complete the training to comply in audits
  • Cost-Effective/Time-Effective – Significant reduction in training time and cost, compared to classroom instruction
  • Excellence – Enhanced staff competence, by providing self-paced training for each employee
  • Simplicity – Training can be delivered at any time and any location
  • Interactive – Easy-to-use, friendly interface
  • Comply – Designed in full compliance with the requirements of the EC Regulation
  • Flexibility – Additional modification feature to meet local needs

English Language Brochures

Eagle PRM Brochure (PDF)