Eagle MCast – Computerized Assessment and Training

MCAST is an advanced recruitment tool for the selection of Security Agents and X-Ray Operators. MCAST is a computerized psychometric assessment system consisting of a fully automated set of tests – each of which measures a specific ability; which increases the prospects of recruiting the best security staff for specific roles.

candidate graphs

candidate graphs

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  • Numerical ability
  • Problem solving
  • Spotting errors and inconsistencies
  • Checking important information
  • Accurately reporting own errors
  • Accuracy and rapidity
  • Ability to analyze information and draw conclusions
  • Attention span
  • Flexible thinking
  • Ability to differentiate between relevant and less relevant information
  • Cost-Effective – Reduce of turnover of staff and progress measurement (over time)
  • Expertise – Determining employee suitability to specific duties
  • Quality – Reduce on-the-job errors made due to the placement of unsuitable workers. In the field of X-Ray screening, this is particularly important
  • Simplicity – ease and convenience – Conducted in-house without the need for outside professional analysis of test results
  • Objectivity – Objective and totally unbiased, avoiding complaints arising as a result of favoritism or discrimination