In-flight Security

ICTS EagleTraining (CBT) for In-Flight Security Crew members.
The In-flight Security
course is designed to train your flight deck and cabin personnel how to prevent and respond to potential in-flight threats. The programme is a collaboration between ICTS Europe Systems, specialists in computer based training, and Green Light Ltd, specialists in in-flight security training.

The curriculum is based on international standards, as inferred by Annex 6 to the Chicago Convention, and covers the actions that crew need to take before departure in order to detect any potential problem whilst the aircraft is still on the ground, as well as the recommended responses to criminal acts perpetrated by terrorists, criminals and disruptive passengers.

Emphasis is placed on the behavioural analysis of passengers and the need to identify threats at the earliest opportunity, be they in the form of an intoxicated passenger or a more sinister plot involving aircraft hijacking or sabotage.

Whether on land or out at sea, BMP can run on any PC providing an effective tool to increase the competence of your ship masters and their crew.

The programme aims to enhance your aircrew’s ability to respond to a wide range of threats, including:

  • Bomb Threats
  • Disruptive Passenger Incidents
  • Hijack Situations
  • Laser and MANPADS Attacks

Lessons cover both informative material, such as weaponry and explosives familiarisation, and practical measures, such as hijack response. Guidance as to how aircrew can ensure their own safety at the airport and at hotels is also included.

Case studies are used extensively to help aircrew understand how they can make a difference. The programme helps turn your aircrew into security professionals who are a fundamental part of the security web that ensures security in the skies.

The In-flight Security course will be delivered on the Eagle Computer Based Training (CBT) Platform.

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Eagle is an innovative Computer-Based Training (CBT) platform which offers a unique combination of aviation security expertise, the latest in CBT methodologies and state-of-the art technology designed by a leading team of software experts, guided by security experts.


The Eagle Platform embraces every aspect of training via fully interactive exercises and testing modules.

Eagle provides a comprehensive set of courses designed for new and experienced security staff.

In addition to the In-flight Security course, the Eagle CBT platform supports a wide range of security training programmes:


  • Over the web
  • In local classrooms - LAN
  • Stand alone computers
  • Expertise – Designed by leading IT and CBT developers, guided by security experts
  • Flexibility – Complies with all international regulations and can be modified to meet local regulation and procedures
  • Cost-Effective – reduce training costs and time consumption
  • Comprehensive Training Tool – Full Reporting and Certification Tool enables instructors to keep track of employees’ performances over time and identify training needs on an individual and group basis
  • A User Friendly Authoring Tool gives the client full control over the entire training content, including creation of courses, lessons, tests and adding new images
  • Multilingual – Eagle currently supports more than 22 different languages
  • Customer Service – 24/7 Help desk manned by a dynamic, efficient and enthusiastic team to keep customer satisfaction rates at the highest level