Eagle GSAT
General Security Awareness Training

GSAT Training (CBT) for airport personnel – Multilingual, Customised.

GSAT is a computer-based course designed to provide General Security Awareness Training to airport personnel prior to issuance or renewal of their airport pass, as currently required by numerous regulators worldwide. The awareness course has different modules that are fully compliant with UK DfT/Irish DoT/EU legislation and the TSA (US SIDA).

Interactive – The Eagle GSAT course delivers the required knowledge and regulation to the general employees of the airport in an attractive and interesting user friendly format. 

Tailor-Made – The course like most of our Eagle CBT courses is not an ‘off the shelf’ product and therefore can be tailored to the airports needs

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  • Airport Modification Tool – Addresses the specific procedures at each airport, such as levels of alert,badge colour coding, contract details of security authorities, etc.
  • Full Report Feature – Allows for retrieval of progress reports concerning the attendance and performance of eachlearner in the system
  • Full Certification Tool
  • Multilingual – Support for over 22 different languages to meet local needs
  • Interactive – Multimedia-rich lessons to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable
  • Simple – Allows for easy creation and maintenance of user accounts
  • Cost-Effective
  • Flexible – Easy adaptation of content in the event of regulation changes
  • Time-Effective – A four-hour classroom training can be shortened to a 90-minute computer-based self-learning program
  • Simplicity – Can be delivered at any time and at any location in various implementation modules – a local classroom, stand alone computer or over the web
  • Interactive – Optimizes the learning experience, using the most recent CBT methodology

Gsat course table of content (Basic content)

Lesson 1 – The Threat to Aviation
Lesson 2 – Objectives and Organization of Aviation Security
Lesson 3 – Restricted Zone Protection and Access Control
Lesson 4 – Prohibited Articles
Lesson 5 – Your Role in Security
Knowledge Test
Optional – Tailored airport specific training requirements (fire-training, health & safety, etc)

English Language Brochures

Eagle GSAT Brochure (PDF)