ICTS APIS - Advanced Passenger Information System


ICTS Europe’s APIS Suite is an APIS Pre-departure and Secure Flight–compliant solution, allowing carriers to transmit passenger data to any International Security/Authority and creates the relevant transmission for that authority.

The APIS Suite is a web based solution that can interface with any DCS/reservation system, which is constantly updated with APIS regulations for all global APIS regulatory changes. Our APIS solutions cover all potential challenges that a carrier may face – including none or limited connectivity, power, DCS system – and can be deployed in any location over a few weeks notice

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  • Support pre-departure APIS
  • Interactive APIS Messaging
  • Support for Crew APIS transmission
  • Support for UN/EDIFACT, XML, CSV and Soap formats
  • Carriers can submit data via SITA, ARNIC, Web Service, FTP, MQ and MATIP
  • Detailed Audit Trails
  • Advanced reporting tool
  • Complies with the new APIS Pre-Departure and Secure Flight rules that are mandatory for all carriers transporting passengers into, out of or within any destination
  • Avoid fines and penalties
  • Facilitates smoother travel and reduces passenger processing time
  • 24 hour help desk support
  • Dedicated back office team that constantly updates the system in accordance with regulatory changes

Relationship with Worldwide Regulatory Authorities

For over two decades ICTS Europe has been a leader in screening and processing of air passengers. In November 2005 ICTS Europe Systems became one of the first companies to receive approval to collect and submit the new APIS Plus data, and in June 2008 ICTS yet again became one of the first companies to be certified to submit AQQ to the CBP.

ICTS enjoys long-standing relations with the CBP, CBSA and the UK Border Agency. Due to our presence in numerous countries ICTS have a unique position to understand the needs of carriers/airports and communicate locally with the relevant authority.