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ICTS Europe Systems Ltd brings you a unique combination of operational expertise and pioneering technological solutions in the areas of Aviation Training - Aviation Security and Immigration, Training and Assessment, and General Security Management.

Our solutions : TravelDoc - Travel Document Verification, EagleAviation Training - Aviation Security CBT Platform and SmartQ – Airport Queue Management System are designed  to give effective solutions to Airline and Airport sectors.

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NEW PRODUCTS NEW - In-flight Security Course / CTX Training Package and  Eagle Cargo to meet the new EU 185/2010)

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Latest News

  • August, 2013
    Eulen Mexico
    - ICTS Spain have closed a large Eagle X-Ray deal with Eulen Mexico. The system is already up and running, and training was given by David Perales from ICTS Spain.
  • August, 2013
    Tiger Airways, Singapore
    - Tiger Airways have signed on TravelDoc solution, integrated to both their DCS and the airport central validation system. This is the 3rd airline signed for this type of TravelDoc implementation.
  • August, 2013
    Arinc, Hong Kong Airport
    - TravelDoc Pilot. For a long time we are discussing some joint opportunities with Arinc. This is a pilot for their Bag-Drop unit which will also scan the passport and notify the passenger if he needs a visa.
  • August, 2013
    Securitas Aviation
    - Have opted to purchase the new Eagle Cargo CBT course for the use of their screeners all over Europe. We are calling for ICTS operations & training to use the module as well, which is available on our Web server. It’s a huge and very comprehensive course and could add a lot to our operations and our name. For further details please contact Nimrod at the Eagle centre.
  • August, 2013
    Newark Airport, UNITED terminal
    - Have chosen SmartQ Monitoring module for a pilot at New Jersey EWR airport. If successful, this will be our first SmartQ entry to the US. The SmartQ Monitoring module uses passive sensors to report on the passenger flow, i.e. number of people in each queue, for alerting and statistical purposes.
  • August, 2013
    Delta Air Lines, Brazil
    - We have been invited to conduct a CPM pilot at Sao Paulo, in competition with other providers, to enhance Delta's South American operation. The pilot is conducted this week. If successful against other providers, we could see a significant increase of CPM usage in South America.
  • July, 2013
    Cardiff Airport
    - Ordered the SmartQ “Boarding Pass Verification” system for their aiport.
  • July, 2013
    Vienna Airport
    - Eagle X-Ray and Cargo modules were successfully installed on Vienna Airport servers to be used by all X-Ray and cargo screeners at the airport.
  • July, 2013
    Gozen, Turkey
    - Gozen Security have extended their Eagle CBT usage and are in a process of moving to a Web implementation.
  • July, 2013
    Faroe Island Airport
    - chose Eagle CBT for X-Ray operators as its X-Ray training platform.
  • June, 2013
    The Danish Post, Denmark
    - have purchased Eagle Cargo CBY course.
  • Apr, 2013
    Vienna Airport -
    decided to take Eagle as their main training tool for X-Ray and Cargo courses.
  • Feb, 2013
    EasyJet -
    have extended the TravelDoc contract by 3 more years.
  • Feb, 2013
    AVSECO -
    Hong Kong International Airport purchased Eagle In-flight and DetAct courses.
  • Jan, 2013
    DNATA - Swiss
    purchased Eagle Cargo course for their operations in Geneva.
  • Dec, 2012
    Scuritas - Eagle CTX Module
    Scuritas purchased Eagle CTX Module, adding its Xray and cargo operator’s license, serving more than 10,000 security agents worldwide.
  • July, 2012
    Singapore -
    Changi Airport have signed a contract to deploy TravelDoc library in all information desks at the airport.
  • July, 2012
    Brazil -
    GOL have decided to implement our Web Eagle X-Ray for their X-Ray screeners all over Brazil. Eagle is going to be hosted on a Microsoft “cloud” server.
  • July, 2012
    Copenhagen -
    “Spirit Air Cargo Handling” is taking ICTS new Eagle Cargo CBT course for their training.
  • May, 2012
    Malaysian Airport Authority - Eagle
    Copenhagen Airport, an existing customer, has purchased additional licences, bringing its total Eagle X-ray licences to 27, supporting the growing operation at Copenhagen and Roskilde Airports.
  • May, 2012
    Copenhagen Airport - Eagle X-ray
    “Secure solution”, a company providing the training for the Malaysian Airport Authority, chooses Eagle X-ray course to certify and train all their airport employees.
  • May, 2012 - Overfly (over the US) – APIS Responding to a new DHS regulation pertaining to overfly (carriers must submit pax data in order to receive approval to fly over or near the US), ICTS is one of the first providers of this functionality. We recently won contracts from the following airlines: Alitalia / Neos / Air Italy
  • May, 2012
    JET2 – TravelDoc Library
    JET2 have purchased TravelDoc Library after a thorough comparison with a competitor.
  • May, 2012
    Alitalia – Secure Flight Backup
    Alitalia has chosen ICTS to provide its Secure Flight Backup solution to all of its 5 US destinations (EWR, JFK, MIA, BOS, LAX) and YYZ in Canada.
  • May, 2012
    China – Eagle at Chongqing
    - subway
    First delivery of Eagle in China is taking place next week. This is the first Chinese version as well as the first non-aviation version. Chongqing is the fastest-growing metropolis in the world.
  • 2012
    TravelDoc Library
  • April, 2012
    CTX Exhibition - London UK - ICTS Systems
  • February, 2012
    TAM, Brazil - Eagle X-ray

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